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Birthed in San Francisco, California near the waves of Ocean Beach, Brian is moved by things that are alive. He is moved by lines that tell stories whether industrial or organic. 12sticks has been one one method for him to balance play and life while sharing the joy he finds in the world. 


He has coined the term "intuition surfing" as one definition of how he approaches his work. That place when one is swimming in the raw materials and uncovering the new potential they can achieve. 


Sometimes it is the beauty of an object’s form and other times its function that keeps it from being thrown out (i.e. killed) in our culture. Lifecycles and time, the spirit world, gravity, survival and the law of cause and effect are all are themes in the work which aims to educate, elevate or heal all who interact with it on a conscious or subconscious level.

Work by Brian Enright often utilizes historic and contextual artifacts, inspiring a variety of questions:

What is it? 

How was it used, when?

Where in this town was it active?

How does it connect to our current time and place?

Why is it important?


He seeks to create works that are of value and hope to individuals, communities, future generations and society at large. In these turbulent times it is ever more important to help as many people as possible to recognize the importance of each and every action that they take, and to share and inspire more and more examples of paths forward that are as beautiful as possible for every living being. In a good way!